Stefan Badertscher: Navigating Digital Transformation with Proven Expertise

Stefan Badertscher CEO of Pinavox
"I have seen so many ways of selling & marketing in my career. With "They Ask, You Answer" I genuinely believe you can just do business in a better, easier way!"
Stefan Badertscher
CEO at Pinavox
former Dir. of Revenue at IMPACK

Who is Stefan?

Blending the precision of swiss engineering with the dynamism of digital sales and marketing, Stefan Badertscher’s journey from a mechanical engineer in Switzerland to an international digital transformation leader showcases his adaptability and innovative spirit.

Fluent in German, English, and French, his ability to communicate across cultures has been a cornerstone of his success.


A Transformative Journey with Measurable Success

Stefan's journey from engineering to leading Impack Packaging's sales team led to a transformative digital marketing and sales approach.

Adopting the "They Ask, You Answer" philosophy, he revolutionized customer engagement and education, boosting Impack's global presence and establishing trust in 27 countries.

Under Stefan's guidance, Impack achieved a 50% reduction in the sales cycle, making the path from initial contact to purchase faster for customers.

Organic traffic grew by a stunning 700% due to a customer-centric content strategy.

Impack remarkably secured the top position in Google search results, demonstrating that smaller companies can outshine larger competitors by prioritizing their audience's needs, even when faced with a significant disparity in size (ratio 1:100!).

Deeply Rooted in the TAYA Community

Stefan's expertise in "They Ask, You Answer" extends beyond implementation at Impack Packaging.

Immersed in the TAYA community for over four years, he has actively exchanged insights and learned from dozens of companies successfully employing the strategy.

This unique vantage point has equipped Stefan with a diverse array of experiences and best practices, making him not just a practitioner but a seasoned guide within the TAYA community.

Stefan Badertscher Pinavox Form
They Ask, You Answer deutsche version

Stefan and Impack’s success story is featured in the German translation of They Ask You Answer by René Neubach.

Go and read the foreword of the book or see the interview René did with Stefan.

Stefan Badertscher Pinavox cross country skiing

A Balanced Approach 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Stefan is an avid sports enthusiast. His commitment to activities like mountain biking and skiing mirrors his business philosophy—embrace challenges, strive for balance, and continuously improve.

This holistic approach to life and work underpins his coaching style, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and growth.

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Engage with Stefan

Stefan's narrative weaves together passion, learning, and leadership, creating an inspiring journey for organizations ready to transform their digital sales and marketing strategies.

Beyond sharing his expertise, Stefan offers a collaborative partnership, guiding organizations toward achieving tangible success and establishing themselves as leaders in their industries.

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